2023-11-11 18:57:30 >> Voices of the Void Demake

This one is maybe a little overdue for posting here, but a while back I kinda realised that I was going to need to work on building a bit more of a following if I wanted to be able to put bigger projects out in the future and have anyone see them ha.
At the same time I'd been getting the urge to post some of the nerdy projects and general things that excite me on YouTube, so what better a way to merge these two needs than by making some little game projects and fan art stuff and making videos of my process?
I started out with with Voices of the Void, which I've been watching development of with keen interest, and it seems to have gotten a great reaction, way better than I was expecting for a first attempt honestly and I'm excited to keep this going for a little while if I can.

I've already finished the next project, and as soon as I've put together a video for it I'm excited to share it and start on the next thing!