2022-08-25 10:27:14 >> captkuso's home gym web app

I've been taking bit of time off lately while my partner was off work for her summer break. But halfway through I got a bit antsy to code something and decided to make this wee web app thing.

I want to do more to keep fit while I'm working at my desk all day, and I came up with this little page that gives me a random workout to do, either on a button press or on a timer that alerts me to do something once an hour. Kind of inspired by those 4chan threads that are like "roll and if your post id ends in X then do Y" (usually for choosing a genre of porn, it's always porn right?).

It's pretty simple but I've been using it a little now that my partner is back at work and found that it's been a good way to make doing a little bit to keep in shape exciting, but maybe I'm just a gambling addict lol. I've also found that it works really well to do in the idle time between rounds when playing games online, it's been keeping me company today doing Fishing Trawler for the Angler outfit in OSRS.

There are a couple of changes I could make: an alert sound effect for the timer - especially since there doesn't seem to be a great way for a tab to grab focus (rightfully so); changing 20 push ups to 10 - it can be a bit much when you roll two in a row lol; oh and maybe a way to set custom exercises, but let's face it I'm probably the only one using this so it would be more for my convenience I guess, not that I expect to be changing things too often.

Check it out here: captkuso's home gym