I'm captkuso (inspired by kusoge, "shit games", or in my case "captshit")
birthday: 24/01
maker of games and things with lights and sounds, I sometimes get distracted by crafts/fixing retro tech/drawing bad hentai
maybe kinda autistic? but idk I'm still figuring that out

where to find me:

osrs: captkuso - I'm playing through all the quests in the order that they were released, something I started as an excuse to play RuneScape on my twitch stream a while back lol

twitch - I stream most friday mornings JST for a couple of hours, usually an old pokemon game

discord: captkuso #9099 - don't be shy, I'm shit at replying in any sort of time but I kinda enjoy talking to anyone

I have twitter, but I'm trying to wean myself off it a little, still I'm active enough on there for now

email: this is more for press/business stuff I guess, but if you really want it it's chris@shameintercontinental.com

music I like:
This one is kind of a bit of everything I was listening to last year ha. I need a new "everything" playlist.
I feel like I only listen to music in the summer. The rest of the year is lofi, jazz, and the rain.